Thailand protesters drench police headquarters with paint


Thousands of protesters in Thailand converged on the police headquarters in Bangkok on Wednesday night, defacing the building a day after violent protests dozens injured.

Angered by the government’s decision to reject a constitutional reform proposal – a key demand of protesters – and alleged police violence, demonstrators hurled buckets of colourful paint and sprayed graffiti on the Royal Thai Police headquarters’ building facade.

Police barricaded themselves inside the station and did not intervene.

Thailand has been rocked by student-led protests for months, with protesters demanding constitutional reforms, the removal of the country’s Prime Minister and changes to the monarchy.

On Tuesday, the country experienced its most violent protests in months as protesters clashed with police officials.

At least 40 people were injured as protesters hurled smoke bombs and bags of paint at police, who retaliated with water cannon and tear-gas solution.

The protesters had been attempting to reach the country’s parliament where lawmakers were debating possible changes to the constitution, including a controversial proposal by civil group the Internet Dialogue on Law Reform (iLaw) which many protesters supported.

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