The six coolest concept cars on display at the LA Auto Show


Electrification was a strong trend among concepts seen at the LA Auto Show this year, as well as ideas about how cars can make traveling safer and more comfortable. And though we probably won’t be seeing these vehicle or tech concepts on the road just yet, we’ll definitely see some of the features in action sooner rather than later in upcoming models. The LA Auto Show runs through December 9.

Audi e-tron GT

This sporty electric sedan concept debuted just two months after Audi’s first electric model was announced. In just 3.5 seconds, the coupe can go from 0-60 mph and look amazing doing it.

BMW Vision iNEXT

The iNEXT concept is a vehicle whose interior design looks more like a living room than a car. With its “Shy Tech,” this model definitely showcases the next generation of integrated smart technology.

Byton K-Byte Concept

This level 4 autonomous electric sedan can light up to warn pedestrians it’s near and sports a 49-inch display where the instrument panel should be.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Cargo

This hippie concept is a charming throwback with some seriously contemporary tech upgrades. Volkswagen designed this electric van to revolutionize parcel delivery which means you could see one outside your door as early as 2022.

Renault EZ-Ultimo

The autonomous EZ-Ultimo, unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October and now on show in LA, could take future you to a business meeting in ultimate luxury. Designed to be used in high-end ride-hailing services, this lounge-like vehicle may be more comfortable than wherever it is you’re traveling.


Volvo made a very deliberate point not to bring any vehicles to Automobility LA this year when they instead brought a sign that read, “This Is Not A Car,” to be center stage. Instead, the company brought an idea demonstrated through interactive exhibitions outlining the future of autonomous, electric, connected, and safe travel.



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