The Ultimate Breakfast to lose weight and maintain your diet


Breakfast does not be a complicated meal; The five star and hotel standards breakfast we see on TV and eat in hotels and lodges takes a whole 24 hours pre-prep and about 6-10 people preparing them. And if it is for TV, the TV has a magic button that makes everything appear perfect and edited whilst behind the scenes it was a whole total mess, nonetheless, a simple Nutrition and Wellness plan can come to the rescue.

Depending on the country you are in, you will notice that a lot of the food will depend on the type of lifestyle the habitants lead, if the population are hard working, their diet will reflect a lot of whole grains, meats and etc.

The eating culture in Zambia has changed! People are now more advanced and have busy lifestyles. In the past, the ideal diet consisted of over 400g solid starch aka, Nshima (Pap) with almost over cooked vegetables and a protein in the form of chicken, fish or meat and repeated this twice a day and have very empty and processed carbohydrates as for breakfast, BREAD, BUTTER WITH TEA AND MILK AND LOADS OF SUGAR!

The collage of the picture as attached above; there is nothing wrong with them at all; depending on the lifestyle you lead and have also the eating habits. “Having worked in the food and restaurant industry in Zambia for 5 years, I have learned that Zambians love starch and protein which if not digested and broken down properly will trans to sugars and if sugars aren’t broken down or made usage of, they turn into fat and boom! Over weight population with BPs, Diabetes, Obesity, Malnutrition and heart problems,” Lillian Elidah says.

The following are ideal recommendations for a Zambian breakfast: A small bowl of a mixed salad with fruits

  • Scrambled eggs
  • A side of brown bread
  • Tea with little to no sugar or a tsp of honey
  • A healthy glass of water or pure juice


A healthy wrap, which contains Tuna with Avocado, Shredded chicken breast with avocado with loads of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and herbs and a fruit and water.


Healthy Granola bowl with natural yogurt (Mabisi – sour milk is super perfect for this and cheaper too) with loads of seasonal fruits

The key is to eat slow working carbohydrates with loads of minerals and vitamins from the fruits and salads and keep yourself hydrated with water. In addition, coming up with a simple nutrition and wellness plan can help to make healthy changes in your diet.

Here is my Monday to Friday breakfast meal plan


Granola bowl with A side salad of Carrot and Raisins


  • Granola mix from Twaala Restaurant
  • Mabisi
  • Mixed fresh fruits, please try to avoid canned


The day before,

Get a translucent bowl or cup with a lead on

Mix the mabisi into a smooth consistency

Add at the bottom of the bowl or cup

Add the Granola mix

Add the mixed fresh fruits

Serve with a salad and 2 glasses of lemon and green tea mix!


Tuna and Avocado Wrap with loads of lettuce, herbs and vegetables


  • Canned Tuna
  • Avocado
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes,
  • Onions,
  • Fresh herbs,
  • Bell peppers
  • and whatever greens you like


Add the avocado on the wrap, followed by the tuna and the many finely cut vegetables and boom! You are ready, eat with a fruit and 2 glasses of lemon and green tea mixture


Chicken and Avocado wrap with lettuce and loads of vegetables

Same method as Tuesday and enjoy!

The granola bowl can be served 3x a week and the different wraps 2x a week.

If you are more protein, increase the amount of time you eat the wraps compared to the granola bowl.

This way you get to still keep the same taste and flavours you like, just in a more healthy and easier way.


Excerpt from

The Ultimate Breakfast to lose weight and maintain your diet

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