Tigray crisis: Agencies struggling to provide aid in region


Addis Ababa -The UN says that aid agencies are struggling to provide aid in Ethiopia’s Tigray state, where the federal government is conducting a military offensive against forces loyal to the state’s authorities.

The UN Resident and Humanitarian Co-ordicator for Ethiopia, Catherine Sozi, told media that providing humanitarian assistance had been difficult since the conflict began.

Aid agencies have warned that food and health supplies have not been allowed into Tigray.

But, in a tweet on Thursday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said his government was providing assistance in Tigrayan areas controlled by the federal army.

Both the Tigrayan authorities and federal government are scaling up efforts to mobilise resources – indicating the conflict could continue for some time.

Demonstrations and blood donation campaigns – organized by the authorities – have been held in some parts of southern Ethiopia by groups showing support for the national army.

It has been over a week since fighting broke out in the northernmost state and the impact is spilling over to neighbouring Sudan – as thousands are reported to have crossed the border already

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