Tweeps slam Simphiwe Dana for her ‘SA is anti-poor’ tweet and bring up her past tweets


Johannesburg – Singer-songwriter Simphiwe Dana finds herself in hot water and has been called out for her thoughts on the state of the nation.

Dana took to Twitter to rant against the government on Monday. She shared her gripes about how the coronavirus pandemic is being handled and went as far as saying the country is “anti-poor”.

“South Africa is so anti-poor guys. People are losing houses and cars during a pandemic. Schools want their full fees even though they know we’re not working. Government has no plan. It’s heartbreaking really,” she wrote.

While her thoughts were valid and many showed her support for her sentiments, users were quick to remind her previous comments about financial matters.

Last week, Dana was slammed for using “get a job” as a clapback in an online interaction. During a conversation about gender-based violence, Dana told a Twitter user that they should be employed before coming for her.

These comments have come back to haunt her as tweeps called her out, saying she should stop being anti-poor herself before calling out government.

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