UK’s Covid ‘disaster’ to be laid bare by PM Boris Johnson’s ex-chief adviser


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser will on Wednesday cast his former boss as a dithering leader surrounded by fools whose ineptitude led to a “disastrous” response to the most devastating global pandemic in decades.

With close to 128 000 deaths, the UK has the world’s fifth worst official Covid toll, and Johnson was slow to appreciate the significance of the threat from the virus in early 2020 as it spread from China towards Britain’s shores.

Dominic Cummings is expected to be quizzed by British lawmakers on the lessons that can be learned from the pandemic.

Cummings, who left the government late last year, has said the British health ministry was a “smoking ruin”, that Western governments failed during crisis, and that the secretive British state was woefully unprepared for the pandemic.

“The Covid plan was supposed to be ‘world class’ but turned out to be part disaster, part non-existent,” said Cummings on May 18 in one of the dozens of tweets forming a critique of Britain’s response.

“If we’d had the right preparations + competent people in charge, we would probably have avoided lockdown1, *definitely* no need for lockdowns 2&3,” he said.

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