Union wants Lesotho officials removed after Thabiso Mokhele dies of hunger in SA

South Africa

Johannesburg – A diaspora organisation of Lesotho nationals in South Africa, Lehae la Basotho Workers Union, said that it was planning a protest march for their government to remove officials at the country’s high commission in South Africa, who had remained quiet after a man died apparently of hunger in Johannesburg.

Thabiso Mokhele died at the Waterworks informal settlement near Lenasia.

The organisation’s president, Majorobela Masakale, spoke at the funeral of Mokhele on Wednesday, saying that there were many more Basotho who were suffering, while many bodies remained in mortuaries.

Residents and community leaders of the Waterworks informal settlement organised Mokhele’s funeral.

Mokhele’s emaciated body was found in a shack that he was allowed to use by its owner without paying rent.

But his neighbours said that like them, he was struggling to get food.

None of the officials of the Lesotho High Commission to South Africa has responded to requests for assistance when contacted.

The president of Lehae la Basotho Workers Union, Masakale, said that was not enough.

“We have written a letter to the government of Lesotho and we will take legal action in Lesotho to remove the officials. We are organising a march to the high commission at the end of the month.”

It is still not clear how old Mokhele was because his documents were never found.

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