WATCH | From English to IsiZulu, Woolies ‘special water’ works both ways


The special power of Woolworths water doesn’t discriminate, it empowers anyone and everyone who believes.

Well, that’s according to Blake Dell, a man who is currently dominating social media platforms after he posted a video of himself buying the water, drinking it and “witnessing” the instant transformation.

In the video, Blake speaks English as he asks a cashier at a Woolies store if they have tasted the water and witnessed its super powers before he downs the bottle.

Soon after, he switches and starts to speak IsiZulu. “Yho! Kanti amanzi lawa kanti anjani?.” “Yho ngathi ngizokhetha umfazi omnyama ke, ngizokhipha ilobolo yami ke.” This translates as: “What’s with the powers in this water? I just might get myself a black wife, I will pay my lobola.”

He goes on to say: “Kodwa imali anginayo. Yho ngathi impilo yabelungu inzima kakhulu.”

This  translates as: “But I don’t have the lobolo money. Life as a white person is hard.”

This comes after a group of men on Monday posted video footage of themselves drinking the water. They started off by speaking IsiZulu and after drinking the water, broke into English.

Woolies loved the video so much, the retailer promised a collab was on the cards.



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