WATCH: Google to expand ad blocking feature to the rest of the world


Google announced that it will expand its ads blocking feature to the rest of the world on the 9th of July after it was launched in the United States, Canada, and Europe last year.

Based on guidelines developed by the Coalition For Better Ads, a trade group the company helped launch. The guidelines prohibit websites from using obtrusive advertising strategies, like employing pop-ups or videos with auto-playing sound.

Google stated that their ultimate goal is not to filter ads, but to build a better web for everyone, everywhere.

Google said in a statement: “User experience sits at the core of everything we do at Google. It drives our product decisions, development and direction. Chrome has a long history of protecting our users from annoying and harmful experiences — like blocking pop-up windows and warning users if a page has malware.”

“We’ve also taken action to protect Chrome users from certain types of advertising that diminish their experiences online, a common complaint among Chrome users.”



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