WATCH: Instagram new features for Stories


Instagram announced that it will be bringing new features to its Stories format.

Features such as a new countdown sticker and question stickers that can be used in Live videos and to share music recommendations are being added.

Instagram said in a blog post: ” You’ll see new ways to interact with your friends and form a deeper connection with the people you follow on Instagram. You can now use the questions sticker for music recommendations in Stories or to connect at the moment with people you follow on Live. You’ll also see a new interactive sticker in Stories that lets you count down to exciting moments together with your friends.”

1. Music Recommendation feature 


Users can now respond to questions with music. By tapping on a viewer’s response will play the song, and users can choose to respond with a message or share the song to their own story.

Sharing a song opens up the camera for the user to take a photo or video as the music plays in the background, and there’s also new camera effects that’ll respond to the music being played.

2. Question stickers on Live videos

Question stickers are also coming to Live videos and questions chosen by the user streaming will be shown on-screen, so all viewers can see which questions are being answered.

To ask a question and have it answered Live, go to someone’s story and respond to their questions sticker as you normally would. If they go Live to answer, you’ll see “Q&A” in your stories tray. Join the Live video and you’ll see the question they’re answering at that moment.

3. Countdown stickers 

Countdown stickers are interactive stickers within Stories which let users countdown to upcoming moments such as an anniversary or birthday.

Add a countdown sticker to your story by selecting it from the sticker tray after taking a photo or video. Name your countdown, add an end date or time and customize the colour before sharing to your story.


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