WATCH: Namibian airport workers struggle to stop a runaway luggage train being blown across the tarmac


Workers at the Namibian airport had a hard time trying to stop a runaway luggage train that was being blown across the tarmac on Sunday, according to the Namibian reports.

“… Strong winds at the Hosea Kutako International Airport triggered a spectacle in which four officials chased after a train of four runaway luggage trolleys which were heading towards a stationary plane at full speed,” the report said.

The paper quoted the Namibian Airports Company (NAC)’s spokesperson Dan Kamati as confirming that the incident occurred on Sunday around lunchtime.

“No injuries or damage to persons or property was reported, and investigations continue,” Kamati said.

Investigations into whether the train could have damaged aeroplanes on the tarmac was underway, said BBC.



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