Zimbabwe-born Australian billionaire to spend R1bn on journalism institute


A billionaire Australian philanthropist vowed on Wednesday to spend at least AU$100m (US$72m) of her fortune to create a journalism institute committed to “the pursuit of truth”.

Judith Neilson said the Sydney-based institute would “celebrate and encourage quality journalism in Australia and the world” at a time of “massive change” and challenges for the news media.

“Journalism doesn’t just need critics, it needs champions – people and institutions with the resources to help educate, encourage and connect journalists and their audience in pursuit of excellence,” she said.

The Zimbabwe-born Neilson, a prominent patron of the arts in Sydney – Australia, said the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas would run educational programmes and events and also provide grants for the development of independent, non-partisan reporting.

One of the main priorities of the organisation when it is officially launched in 2019 would be to support more “informed, intelligent” reporting on Asia.

“Through targeted funding and education we can strengthen Australian journalism and help restore faith in its central role in a healthy democracy,” she said in a statement.

“As an avid consumer of news, I recognise the need to support evidence-based journalism and the pursuit of truth in an increasingly complicated and confusing world.”

News organisations in Australia have in recent years struggled with falling revenue and reduction in number of staff, as giants like Google and Facebook dominate the digital economy.

Neilson’s announcement came a day after an Australian court authorised the biggest media merger in the country’s history resulting in new concerns about the future of independent journalism.

The takeover of Fairfax Media, Australia’s oldest newspaper group, by television broadcaster Nine Entertainment, is widely expected to lead to further cutbacks in newsrooms.

The merger left only four major media companies in Australia, dominated by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

Neilson’s fortune is estimated at around US$1.1bn by Forbes, built through property investments and her holdings in international equities firm Platinum Asset Management.




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