Zodwa Wabantu pre-orders her R150K coffin


Cape Town – Taking to Instagram, Zodwa Wabantu posted a picture of herself resting inside a coffin.

“Death. Black Society is scared to talk about Death,” she captioned the post.

“My coffin is 150k. Are you ready or your family is still gonna run around? I don’t want Zodwa Wabantu was Famous now there’s no Money to bury her.”

Speaking to DRUM, Zodwa said that she made the decision to buy the casket on Tuesday morning.

“I don’t want to be a burden to people when I’m dead one day. So I’ve planned for my funeral,” she explained.

“The coffin comes with a tent, chairs and other things needed for my funeral one day,” Zodwa added.

“Artists are very reckless with money and spend it on clothes, drugs, alcohol and forget about the future. So, I don’t want to bother people when I die.”

Unlike celebrities who died paupers, Zodwa said she doesn’t want people “collecting money and asking for donations for her burial.”

“I am teaching artists to plan for the future. We are all going to die one day and If I can afford a casket that costs me R150 000 now, why not buy it,” she explained enthusiastically.

Zodwa paid cash for the casket and doesn’t currently have life cover.

“I know nothing about policies and life cover. Sometimes those life cover policies lapse and there’s always drama come the time of death. Families have to grieve and still deal with greedy companies, so I’m avoiding all of that. I’ll pay now and deal with drama in heaven,” she told DRUM.

Zodwa added she doesn’t care what her critics are saying about her posing inside the coffin.

“I’m not gonna die anytime soon, but when I do I don’t want to be a burden,” she concluded.


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