Algeria bans wearing of full-face veils at work


Authorities in Algeria on Thursday banned women from wearing full-face veils, or niqabs, at work, citing reasons of identification for the decision.

The country is split between moderate and then more radical forms of Islam. This has been the case since it was experienced years of  civil war, that started in 1992, when a military-backed government cancelled elections that an Islamist party was poised to win.

The majority of women in Algeria do not wear the niqab, but the decision is likely to criticized by Algeria’s Salafists minority.

In a statement released by the government titled, ‘The duties of employees and public servants in dress codes’. They said that women “are obliged to respect the rules and requirements of security and communication which is at the level of their interests, and requires the recognition of their identity in an automatic and permanent manner, especially in the workplace.”

They also listed instructions to be strictly adhered to, and that any clothing that prohibits them from carrying out their public service is strictly prohibited.

A lot of controversy has been caused by this, with many questioning why a niqab would obstruct women from doing their jobs.

Earlier, the government had said that female students were not allowed to wear headscarves during examinations claiming that it could be used as a way of cheating.

– Reuters

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