Cape doctor in Australia accused of peeping under women’s skirts


A Cape Town doctor based in Australia has been accused of peeping under women’s skirts in a shopping mall.

Mohamed Zaahid Pandie, aged 44, originally from Bo-Kaap, has been suspended without pay from the Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, after he was arrested on seven counts of “observations or recordings in breach of privacy”.

When asked about the allegations by Australia’s 9News he refused to comment. It is unclear how he was reported.

Pandie is named as the director of the children’s emergency department at Queensland’s largest cardiothoracic hospital and allegedly made recordings of women at Westfield mall.

He was released on bail from the Brisbane Magistrate’s Court last week and is expected to appear in court again at the end of the month.

Dr Pandie’s online profiles say he began his career in medicine in South Africa, before moving to Brisbane with his young family in 2001.

He has since been suspended from the hospital and, is awaiting the pending charges of his offence.

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