Contralesa calls for a new national holiday

South Africa

Johannesburg – The Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa is calling on the government to make Ancestors’ Day a public holiday.

The day is on 8 May.

Contralesa general secretary, Zolani Mkiva says African spirituality should be elevated.

“This is not just about a day and declaring it and that’s it; we can’t romanticize it,” said Mkiva.

“It’s about a positive installment towards the total liberation of our people, it’s about the change of the mindset to say, for too long, we are a people that has been terrorized and demonized by a system of colonialism and apartheid but it is time for us to decolonize, to emancipate that voice,” he added.

“To ensure that we place spirituality at the centre of trajectory that this country must go through going forward.”

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