DA councillor quits in support of Patricia de Lille

South Africa

Shaun August, DA councillor has announced his resignation from the party and as chief whip of caucus while paying tribute to executive mayor Patricia de Lille in a city council meeting on Thursday.

“My decision does not come lightly considering the two years of struggle, discrimination and double standards that I have been subjected to by the DA,” August said.

“I can no longer support a racist regime who continues to undermine my fight for non-racialism and equality. I can no longer serve a party that claims a particular set of values but acts contrary to those values.”

“I can no longer serve a party that is inconsistent with the application of rules where some are above them.”

At the City Council meeting on early Wednesday De Lille attacked her detractors who she says have been slandering her in the media. This was as result of recent media reports alleging misconduct and De Lille’s alleged involvement in corruption.

De Lille has previously slammed the Bowman Gilfillan’s forensic report into allegations of corruption and maladministration in the City of Cape Town. The report will be tabled in Thursday’s council meeting.

“I have suffered vicious attack to my good name for more than a year and still people are intent on destroying me,” the mayor said.

“I will not allow my good name to be smeared.”

“Public representatives have gone so far as to spread fake reports about me purportedly from the Auditor General showing their complete disregard for the office of the AG.

De Lille indicated that she will lay criminal charges on those who have participated in slandering her.

She acknowledged that the council’s speaker Dirk Smit has written to councillors about the leaking of information in the Bowman’s report and that an investigation has been instituted into the leaks.

“I hope those responsible for this malicious behaviour will be brought to book once and for all.”

Five other councillors from DA are also expected to announce their resignation from the party ahead of the council vote on criminal charges against De Lille.




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