Denosa asks govt to prioritise clearing access roads to hospitals and clinics

South Africa

Durban – The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (Denosa) is calling on government to prioritise clearing routes to hospitals and clinics across the province.

Denosa said on Thursday that hundreds of residents were in desperate need of healthcare.

They added many facilities had been affected by the heavy floods on the province and access to hospitals have been difficult for both patients and the healthcare providers.

Community healthcare centres have been experiencing high numbers of trauma cases, challenges with transporting patients with ambulances due to some roads being washed away and some being blocked by trees and mud.

Denosa also raised concern over patients on chronic medication who were unable to access it.

“We are facing challenges around access to water and electricity. There’s no network so it’s very difficult to reach out to those that live where there’s no network. Healthcare workers are also unable to get to work and those that are at work are unable to get home,” said acting KwaZulu-Natal Secretary for Denosa, Mbali Sabela.

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