Diet and Mental Health.


Our diet plays a major role in our mental health as much as it does to our physical health. A research conducted at a Chinese Hospital suggests that we what we eat greatly affects our moods.

Study shows that most health as well as mental problems can be prevented and managed by simply watching what we eat. A nutritious diet is good for the brain and acts as an immune booster for the body.

Most research conducted by experts discovered a link between depression, anxiety and an unhealthy diet that consists mainly of fatty foods, drug and alcohol abuse, lots of sugary foods and low vegetable intake. Other diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia and ADH disease are all managed and can be prevented by a good diet. Diseases like anxiety and depression can be worsened by excessive alcohol intake and drug abuse. Although alcohol taken in moderation may not be harmful when taken excessively it can impair one’s reasoning and cause instability in one’s mood.

Ensuring that a healthy and nutritious diet, rich in; vegetables, protein, a balance of carbohydrates and eliminating or reducing toxins such as caffeine and limiting fat and sugar intake will go a long way in managing mental health and preventing possible mental related diseases.


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