Urinating in the street Vs Breastfeeding in public.


The comparison by an author of several celebrity biographies of urinating in the street and breastfeeding in public resulted in serious online hate from readers. Virginia Blackburn compared the 2 acts in response to a story about a woman that was asked to leave a public pool after she attempted to breastfeed her child in public.

“If you are in a public place, it’s not something that you necessarily want to see, and the very fact that it happens so often, that complaints are made, shows I’m not exactly alone in thinking this,” the author of several celebrity biographies argued. It’s on a level with urinating in the street. You have a path that leads to increasingly anti-social behaviour and I’d say it’s on that path,” she added.

 These comments she made in response to the story earned her a lot of criticism and hate from the public.

Would you breastfeed in a swimming pool? Mums Natalie and Chloe were asked to leave their local pool for doing just that – and Virginia Blackburn not only agrees with the pool’s stance… but takes it a step further!“Virginia BlackBurn… what a pathetic excuse for a women! “Breastfeeding in public is just as bad a urinating in the street” I have never heard anything so ridiculous in my life! Clearly this women is uneducated breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world! #ThisMorning,” @treenadobson said via a tweet.



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