Dr Rebecca Malope asks South Africans to please pray for her


This past Sunday, 01 May, renowned South African gospel star Dr. Rebecca Malope tweeted that she is hurt as she’s never experienced the kind of disrespect she endured the night before.

This came after reports that Busi Radebe’s manager and husband ill-treated her at a gig in Sun City during Busi’s live show.

“I am so hurt, I’ve never experienced such disrespect as I did last night. I thought I’d be fine this morning but I’m not ok. South Africa please pray for my heart to be mended,” the legendary musician tweeted.

In a statement shared on Twitter, Busi Radebe’s manager apologises to Dr Rebecca and states that there was a misunderstanding because of changes int eh song approach which he was not informed of.

“The unfortunate incident between myself and Dr Rebecca Malope’s manager which was because of changes in the song approach which I was not informed of, unfortunately, reached Dr Malope’s ears as she was in close proximity to us being prepared to go on stage,” he explains.

“On the incident itself, I simply stated to Dr Malope’s manager that If the song is not done according to our plans, it will lose the whole idea of honouring her and we may decide not to release it as it will be a waste to take it for post-production.”

He also put on record that Busi, who was on stage around 19:30 was not part of the backstage conversations.

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