DURBAN – Three dead bodies discovered in Phoenix flat

South Africa

Residents in Phoenix, Durban are in shock after three bodies were found in a flat. Police are at the scene where the two women were found dead in their Phoenix flat, north of Durban on Friday. It is alleged that a third body was found in the flat some time later.

According to KZN VIP Protection, they responded to the call earlier in the morning after the bodies of a woman and a teenage girl were found. It is alleged that they were gagged. At this stage, forensic teams are still at the scene, gathering more evidence.

“There are allegations of a double homicide. A girl is allegedly missing. The girl’s mother and grandmother were found in the flat. Police are not divulging any information at this stage,” Pillay said.

Pillay said curious onlookers gathered on the roadside where police investigators are still busy. Nobody could get beyond the police crime scene tape, said Pillay, who asked the public not to spread rumours until the facts surrounding the incident are made public.

Phoenix police are still at the scene.

Patrick Pillay, of Democratic Liberal Congress in  Phoenix, said it happened in a closed of complex, believes they were murdered and the eldest sister was abducted.

This is a developing story and updates will follow.

-Daily News

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