Facebook to pay $14 million in US worker discrimination suit


Facebook has agreed to pay up to $14 million to settle a US government lawsuit accusing the tech giant of favouring immigrant applicants for thousands of high-paying jobs, announced authorities on Tuesday.

US prosecutors alleged Facebook “channelled” jobs to visa holders by avoiding advertising on its careers website, accepting only mailed applications for some posts, or refusing to consider US workers at all.

The December 2020 lawsuit represented a new front in the mounting judicial and anti-trust regulatory pressure on the social media giant, which reaches billions of people globally on its platforms.

“Facebook is not above the law, and must comply with our nation’s federal civil rights (protections),” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke in a statement.

The lawsuit targeted more than 2,600 positions with an average salary of some $156,000 offered from January 2018 to September 2019.

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