False alarm: No glass in LiquiFruit


Johannesburg – Pioneer Foods has confirmed that the batch of LiquiFruit Red Grape 330ml cans recalled last weekend did not contain pieces of glass.

The company said what looked like glass was independently verified to be potassium bitartrate (cream of tartar) crystals which occur naturally in products made of grapes.

A statement from Pioneer Foods said these crystals can be found in grape products such as grape juice and wine. Crystallisation occurs in certain conditions, such as low temperature. In this case, however, the crystals formed after the grapes were processed and the juice canned. Cream of tartar is used as a cooking aid.

However, customers are still advised not to drink the juice from the specific batch and return the cans to the store where they bought them for a full refund. The recall remains in place and Pioneer Foods has apologised for any anxiety and concern caused.

Three consumers complained of finding “shards of glass” in the grape juice which prompted the company to recall about 270,000 cans of its LiquiFruit grape juice. Two-thirds of the batch of cans were not on the shelves yet and Pioneer Foods worked with retailers to remove the rest from their shelves.

Pioneer Foods says it has not received any reports of consumers being harmed after drinking the juice that contained the crystals.

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