Fikile Mbalula catches smoke for response to Anele Mdoda’s pothole nightmare


Transport minister Fikile Mbalula was dragged by many on social media this week for his response to radio host Anele Mdoda’s complaints about potholes.

Anele took to Twitter on Thursday to complain that a pothole had “taken out” two of her tyres.

“This is getting annoying,” she wrote, tagging the minister.

While many felt her pain and shared their own experiences with potholes, Mbalula responded by seemingly directing her to the Johannesburg Roads Agency.

He followed it with a request for Anele to DM him.

His short responses were criticised by some who felt, as minister, he should get more information about the pothole and make the agency aware of the issue. Others defended the minister, saying his request for Anele to send him a DM was taking it forward.

The debate about the minister and his department’s response to the state of SA roads continued.

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