Gauteng Premier calls for end to attacks on foreigners

South Africa

Johannesburg – Gauteng Premier David Makhura called for an end to attacks on foreign nationals.

Makhura said government and civil society organisations need to work together in addressing the problem of undocumented migrants.

He also said that the border should be strengthened.

“We are working, we have worked with organisations representing refugees and migrants in Gauteng, we will continue to work with them,” said Makhura.

“We want to make sure they are in our province and our country legally. We also want to ensure our state provides security to the borders.”

“We don’t want citizens to take the law in our own hands, it’s the job of law enforcement agencies.

“We want to work with civil society concerned with migration and undocumented foreigners. Nobody should resort to violence and law enforcement officers should do their jobs.

“People should be attacked or killed because they are foreign nationals.”

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