Hairdressers reopen during Singapore lockdown, but…


Singapore – Long queues formed outside hairdressers in Singapore on Tuesday as the government eased some restrictions of a nationwide lockdown, although not all styles would be permitted.

“We can only provide haircuts. Dying and perms are off-limits,” said Jervis Goh, supervisor at the New Hairstory salon in a residential area of central Singapore.

The hairdressers are open even though most workplaces and schools remain closed. Dining at restaurants is also still banned until June 1. Laundry services and shops selling pet supplies are also allowed to open.

“It feels so light now that I had cut it,” said 85-year-old retiree Pang Kaytee, one of the first in line at the salon. Pang said the last time he cut his hair was three months ago.

Staff, who were wearing masks, at the 26-seater establishment, said they had to restrict the number of customers to six at a time, and each customer had to register and have their body temperature taken entering the salon.

Staff at other establishments were seen disinfecting equipment and chairs before opening and they used tape masked seats that clients could not use to enforce social distancing.

“I feel such relief they are reopening, I have been without a haircut for five weeks,” said Muhamman Nor, waiting outside the barber-shop.

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