Heroic waste collectors save Centurion cyclist’s life

South Africa

A cyclist from Centurion believes his life was saved after a team of waste collectors intervened during an attempted armed robbery. Craig Mosdell had been cycling in Samrand Avenue when he was attacked by a man wielding a knife on Sunday morning, reports Centurion Rekord.

“I had stopped at the traffic light and the next moment I saw the man approaching me with the knife raised,” said Mosdell.

The man tried to get Mosdell’s bicycle while at the same time trying to threaten him with the knife.

Meanwhile, six Tshwane waste collectors had just completed their shift of collecting garbage bags when they noticed what was happening.

“The next moment all six of them jumped off the truck and they just ran at us fighting next to the road,” said Mosdell.

“They didn’t hesitate to help me.”

The attacker saw what was happening and turned to run but the team chased after him. Together with Mosdell, they ran after the man and caught him a short distance from where the attempted robbery had happened.

“With the help of two private security guards, we caught the man and were able to keep hold of him until the police arrived,” said Mosdell.

The six officials – Pieta Baloi, Joseph Dikgang, Elmon Ngcezu, Junior Mathye, Richard Sethe and Dazana Songezo – have received the thanks of both Mosdell and his ward councillor, Marika Kruger-Muller.

Joseph Dikgang, who spoke on behalf of the team, said they saw it as their duty to help the cyclist.

“After we caught the man, he asked us how could we help Mosdell catch him,” said Dikgang.

“But we know that he wouldn’t have thought twice about ending Mosdell’s life to get that bicycle.”

Mosdell said all he wanted to know was where the team’s collection route was, as he looked forward to cycling under their protection.

Kruger-Muller thanked the men for their dedication and for going above and beyond their duty to save Mosdell’s life.



Article sourced from The Citizen

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