‘Hustler’ Julia Fox says “I wasn’t in love with the man”


Actress Julia Fox is unfazed about her break up with rapper Kanye West as seen in a since-deleted Instagram Story this past weekend.

Kanye West and Julia whirlwind romance has officially come to an end but the actress doesn’t seem bothered by it. She claims to have “hustled” to “come up” in her career and she has. The star of The Uncut Gems shot to fame when she was dating the rapper. That leaves one to wonder if it was all an act.

“The media would love to paint a picture of me as a sad and lonely woman crying on a plane but it is NOT true! Why not see me for what I am which is a #1 hustler?” she wrote.

“I came up yall lol and not only that but Kanye and I are on good terms! I have love for him but I wasn’t in love with the man. Jesus Christ, what do you guys think I am 12 years old?!” she continued.

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