Kenya relaxes burial restrictions


Nairobi – Kenyan families will now play active roles in the burial of their loved ones who have died from Covid-19 after the authorities relaxed restrictions.

Previously families watched from a distance as health officials in full protective gear took over burials.

Health officials now say that bodies of Covid-19 victims do not transmit the virus. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and Africa CDC have not stated whether a corpse can transmit Covid-19, but have updated burial protocols to allow families to give their loved ones a decent send off.

Under Kenya’s revised measures, health officials will only be present in burials to guide the process and ensure safety.

“They will also allow any safe burial rites as may be dictated by the religion and or culture of the deceased person,” said Chief Administrative Secretary Mercy Mwangangi on Tuesday.

The government admitted last month that previous burial restrictions were extreme.

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