Kremlin dismisses kill list as ‘absolute lie


In comments from the Kremlin, spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has dismissed US intelligence reports that Russia has a hit list of Ukrainians to capture or kill after an invasion as an “absolute lie”.

In a letter to UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet, Washington’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva wrote that Russian forces are creating lists of Ukrainians “to be killed or sent to camps following a military occupation”.

The US embassy in Moscow has also warned Americans of potential attacks in public places in Russia, saying they should have evacuation plans in place.

Peskov described the warning as “highly unusual”, telling reporters the situation in eastern Ukraine remained “tense”.

But while the Kremlin has denied having concrete plans in place for a summit between the US and Russian presidents, it did say it remained open to talks.

“There is an understanding that dialogue should be continued at the level of foreign ministers,” said Peskov.

“If necessary, of course, the Russian and American presidents can decide to hold a telephone call or connect via other methods.”

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