Lamiez on the jealousy and hatred that is on social media


Following a status on social media about how quick we are to celebrate other people’s downfalls, Lamiez Holworthy also gave her take on the matter.

“Someday when we have time, we must discuss how and why it is so easy to find joy in the failures and pain of others. How we really are our own enemies and instead of building, we choose to destroy,” she wrote.

“We must then discuss how brazen most are behind their Keyboards and how easy it is to not only think but type these evil thoughts.”

She said if someone else’s success bothers you then your problems might ne bigger than you think.

How someone posts a car and instead of congratulations, your first thought is “it could’ve been better” Or someone posts their better half and “it will end in tears” is the first thing you have to say.

“If someone else’s happiness or success upsets you then your problems are way bigger than you realise.”

The DJ believes social media has exposed how evil some people are out there.

“Boloi bo Golo Ke Pelo ya motho and social media has exposed just how many evil witches there actually are. Ke boloi!!! Then you wonder why you’re stuck in the same place with zero growth.


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