LIVE VIDEO: Hogan testifies at state capture inquiry

South Africa

The state capture inquiry resumes on Monday.

Former Minister of Public Enterprises Barbara Hogan is expected to take the stand.

Her submissions to the state capture inquiry total over 300 pages and her testimony is directly linked to Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s former president.

On Monday, she’s likely to outline the pressure to forego South African Airways’ route to India.

Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan, will testify next on Thursday.

A copy of his 69-page statement to the inquiry was leaked and it has caused a ruckus.

Inquiry chair Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has reprimanded those responsible for the leak.

Last week, the Economic Freedom Fighters reported Pravin Gordhan to the Public Protector.

The EFF have accused him of lying about a meeting he is believed to have had with billionaire Mukesh Ambani and Ajay Gupta.


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