MacG co-signs Slik Talk’s views on Minnie Dlamini divorce


In the latest episode of “Podcast and Chill with MacG”, media personality Minnie Dlamini-Jones was dragged following her announcement on divorcing Quinton Jones.

Earlier this week, following Minnie’s announcement, YouTuber Slik Talk came out of hiding to add his two cents to the conversation.

He claimed that everyone knew Minnie’s marriage was not going to succeed. He added that Minnie married Quinton to “secure the bag”.

The “Podcast and Chill” team agreed with Slik Talk, calling him “lit” and then ended up dragging Minnie even further.

Co-host, Sol Phenduka, said: “I don’k know Minnie from a bar of soap or the guy she married, but it does look like she married a guy who was well off and they were tight and good and then it never worked.”

MacG added that “the podcast lasted longer than her marriage”, referring to when Minnie called his interview with Jub Jub the “most degrading” content she’s ever heard.

He said that “nobody in their right minds would marry an ’it’ girl”.

“Slik Talk was right. It girls will do whatever it takes to secure the bag … but in life you will never have the biggest bag, which means your ’it’ girl is always up for sale. You’re can’t wife an ’it’ girl, you just hit and run, that’s it.

“Tell me which ’it’ girl has had a successful marriage,” MacG said.

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