Man who stabbed nine children to death executed in China


A man whose knife attack left nine school children dead and injured 12 others has been executed by a firing squad in China. Zhao Zewei was sentenced to death in July for the massacre which was apparently motivated by a grudge against the school in northern Shaanxi province, China, which he had attended as a child. The defendant ‘intentionally deprived others of their lives,’ the court that handed down the decision said in a statement on its official social media account.

Zhao Zewei had a grudge in his heart because his work and life were not going well, as a result he took it out on innocent people.

The attack happened as a group of children were returning home from school. At the time, Zhao told police he had been “bullied” when he attended the school as a child, “hated” his classmates and decided to use a “dagger” to exact revenge.

Knife attacks are very common in China. In the past incidents were targeted at schools which resulted in school authorities putting in place extra security measures at schools.


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