Nasty C urges his fans to stay off Twitter


Award-winning rapper, Nasty C urges fans to not dwell on social media.

In a Twitter thread, Nasty C expresses his thoughts on how social media, specifically Twitter is not always realistic nor is it healthy for your well-being.

“If you’re a fan of mine, out of my love for you and my concern for your mental health, I’m begging you to leave that app”, Nasty said on Instagram.

He furthermore expressed that Twitter is no place to find kindness. Love, support, understanding or solutions.

“Don’t spend all day on Twitter complaining about people on Twitter. Just leave. Delete it. It really is that simple. Post your links if you must but don’t stay here. If you’re looking for love/ kindness/ support/ understanding/ solution, you won’t find it here”, he wrote.

He explained how we often give social media too much power by allowing it to dictate every aspect of our lives.

“We’re giving this app way too much power and control over our real lives. I promise you if we all left, it would be a huge step in the right direction. It’s just another version of hell…that’s in your phone”, he wrote.

Nasty ends off his thread, by noting that if people loved themselves or cared about their well-being, they should leave/refrain from using social media applications like Twitter.

“If you wanna be picked apart, judged, hated, dragged or mislead etc… you’re in the right place. Get comfy. This is your home. If you love yourself or want to start loving yourself, leave. It really is that simple…”

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