Moshe Ndiki slides into Vladimir Putin’s DM


Moshe Ndiki has taken the time to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin through his DMs to plead with him to stop his invasion of Ukraine.

The Moja Love presenter said the escalating conflict in Ukraine was a big concern in his life, and that it happens to be a week before his 30th birthday.

In the post that was written in IsiXhosa he invited Putin to his celebration and asked him to leave the guns behind.

“Listen my brother. We as a country know nothing. My Please, I don’t want to die before my 30th birthday next week. I hope you’ll come but leave the guns behind.

“Let me know what you drink. Also, my cousin is single, I will hook you up and organise you a room. I love you my man, remember world peace”

Moshe concluded by asking for world peace, saying: ‘Love you kendoda, remember world peace ke tshomi…”

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