Nelson Mandela Bay running out of water

South Africa

Cape Town – Taps in Nelson Mandela Bay could soon run dry – as day zero-looms for the region.

The municipality said it’s now preparing for the worst as it experiences one of the worst droughts in years. Nelson Mandela Bay’s combined dam level stands at 12.3%.

The municipality is preparing for the worst as critically low water resources could see the taps run dry in some regions of the metro.

Nelson Mandela Bay director for water distribution Joseph Tsatsire said the Churchill Dam, one of the main water sources to the metro’s western regions, holds about 26 days of supply.

“Now we have got plus or minus depending on which dam you are looking at from about 26 days to 71 days.”

Tsatsire said emergency contingency plans are in place should certain areas be affected by dams running dry.

“We’re rolling out what we call water collection points whereby we are gonna actually leave dedicated bulk retention system that live provides what is called standbys at certain dedicated areas where residents are gonna have to go collect water for basic consumption”.

In a 2022 Water Outlook Report, municipal officials said if dams dry up, about half of all households will be affected and it will also have a significant negative impact on the entire economy.

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