SIU welcomes sentencing for corrupt tender culprits

South Africa

Johannesburg – Two Ekurhuleni officials and a businessman have been jailed for tender corruption.

Businessman Veloro Davids and former Ekurhuleni employees Nilesh Singh and Andrew Mphusomadi were involved in a corrupt IT tender.

SIU spokesperson Kaiser Kganyago said the pace of prosecution will also be improved and stated the SIU is working effectively with the NPA.

“We worked together [with the NPA] for all these years, and in the beginning of this year, they were found guilty of corruption and fraud,” said Kganyago.

“Today [Wednesday], the Pretoria Commercial Crimes Court sentenced the two officials Davids and Singh to 10 years for fraud and 15 years for corruption which we believe is a victory for us because people need to see that something is being done to know that crime does not pay.”

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