Nike says it’s going to make cooler, cheaper shoes – and yoga clothes for men


Nike has plans increase on cheaper shoes in 2019.

CEO Mark Parker said during an earnings call on Thursday that Nike will begin a new focus on “moderately priced” footwear. Nike beat expectations for the second quarter, including sales that rose 10% thanks to growth in digital.

Now, the company sees even greater opportunity in what Parker calls “core” category sneakers, to grow those numbers even more in 2019.

“As we broaden platforms across categories, we’re also broadening them across price points to bring them to more people,” he said during the call. “We see greater opportunities for moderately priced footwear from Nike right now.”

Parker did not specify what price point the new models would be. He said the new initiative would be a combination of selling cheaper versions of shoes people already love from Nike, like the React and Air Max, as well as completely new, “unique” shoes targeted at that price point. He also said that Nike would improve the “storytelling” around these cheaper models, likely implying they will be marketed to consumers more aggressively.

Parker also said the opportunity for these sneakers is mostly in North America, though Nike sees opportunity in other parts of the world where it sells as well.

Parker also announced that Nike will release a new line of yoga clothing for men and start integrating RFID chips in shoes to help with inventory management.


Photo credit – GQ

Article sourced from Business Insider



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