Nike’s London flagship store is now using plus-size and para-sport mannequins, an inclusive step that has been met with praise.

The sportswear brand first debuted a plus-size range in 2017, which offers customers sizes up to 3X.

 Now, after undergoing renovations, the Oxford Street store has unveiled its new women’s floor created exclusively for female athletes, which stocks the brand’s performance and lifestyle ranges and offers bespoke personalisation services, according to Cosmopolitan.
Sarah Hannah, Nike’s GM/VP for Women in EMEA said: “With the incredible momentum in women’s sport right now, the re-designed space is just another demonstration of Nike’s commitment to inspiring and serving the female athlete.
“This is more than a shopping experience, it’s a destination to celebrate sport just in time for an incredible summer of football, netball, athletics and more.”

On social media, the brand’s decision to use mannequins of varying body shapes has been applauded.

“So important to show that women of all sizes can be fit and healthy!” one person wrote. “We have been completely brainwashed into thinking skinny = fit and curvy = unhealthy. This is awesome.”

Nike is not the first brand to use more realistic mannequins, in 2018 clothing brand Missguided unveiled mannequins of different ethnicities as well as ones with stretch marks and vitiligo.

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