Nissan in deal to work with Ghanaian government


Nissan has signed a memorandum of understanding with Ghana in which it has committed to work with the Ghanaian government to establish an automotive manufacturing industry in the country.

The Japanese-based vehicle manufacturer would also make Ghana its hub for sales and marketing in West Africa.

Vehicle sales in Ghana have been growing steadily at an annual rate of about 10 percent, with approximately 9150 vehicles sold a year

Whitfield said Nissan aims to build on its sales market leadership in Ghana and to become the first ever carmaker to assemble vehicles in that country.

Nissan accounted for about  32.8 percent of vehicle sales in Ghana last year, with its cars sold through a national network of six sales and service outlets.

It is currently the most popular auto brand in Ghana because the quality their products and services which have won the trust of their customers.

Building vehicles in Ghana will enable them to further improve the products and services offered to customers in Ghana and will have significant, long-term benefits for the economy in terms of jobs and growth.


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