Pick n Pay to engage with groups at Stokvel Bonanza


Pick n Pay is scheduled to host a Stokvel Bonanza/Party, where the retail store will engage with stokvel groups and provide advice on pricing for the upcoming festive season.

The stokvel groups that attend the bonanza will have be given the opportunity to meet with various food suppliers through talks, dance and competitions.

There will also be a free tasting of recipes using local brands.

Papi Rapolai, General Manager for Wholesale and Stokvel at Pick n Pay said, “We want to engage directly with stokvel community members. We want to understand their challenges and buying behaviours and help them manage better financially, providing them with helpful and practical information on how best to shop for great value for their money”.

This event will go beyond sharing financial advice, it will also share tips on how to exercise and keep healthy.

Stokvel groups will stand the chance to win their share of the prizes up for grabs on the day, valued at R1 million.

Included in the prize is a group trip to Mauritius and Hart Pots to the value of R20 000. There will also be lots of instant prizes throughout the day.

At the start of the year, Pick n Pay partnered with Absa to launch a new Grocery Stokvel Account to cater for groups saving for groceries or other store-bought essentials.

With this, stokvels will earn a competitive interest rate on balances of as little as R50, and spend their stokvels’ money safely and conveniently at Pick n Pay, where they will also receive further savings on groceries with the Smart Shopper Wholesale Stokvel card.

“Through our Grocery Stokvel Account we have been regularly engaging with stokvels and it’s become clear many groups aren’t aware they could be putting their savings to better use. We believe there is a need for more collaborative sharing amongst stokvels to improve outcome,” said Rapolai.

Entrance to the Pick n Pay Stokvel Party is free.



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