Pretoria Uni students asked to be extra vigilant during exams

South Africa

Police in Brooklyn have asked that students remain cautious for the rest of the year.

Police spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach said as the year draws to an end and the exams commence, students often become victims of numerous crimes because they let their guard down, she told Pretoria East Rekord.

She said cases of theft out of motor vehicles were exceptionally high at this time of year.

This is because students are leave their laptops behind in vehicles before entering the examination rooms and opportunities are created for criminals to break into vehicles.

It is advisable that students leave laptops locked-up at home or to take it along inside the examination room.

Criminals observe parking areas and they see when motorists are putting items away in the boot after parking.

She additionally warned about so-called “false prophets”, as previously reported in the Pretoria East Rekord, were active in Hatfield swindling many students during exam times.

The “prophet” would offer to pray for the student and to bless his/her laptop. The student would then be instructed to put his/her belongings down on the ground, to close the eyes and to lift the arms in prayer. At that moment, the so-called “prophet” would disappear with the student’s belongings.

Weilbach said robbers also targeted pedestrians who were often students walking to and from residences, campus, train stations, and entertainment places.

There have been numerous cases where robbers targeted cell phone users at fast food outlets.

This is due to the fact that nearly every customer uses their cell phones while they are waiting for their food order, which makes them easy targets.

Students found in libraries or study centres were also cautioned to be careful not to leave their valuables unattended when taking a break.

Weilbach said another issue during the warmer time of the year was that residents tended to sleep with open windows making it easier for burglars or house robbers to gain entry.

“A closed window is a deterrent for criminals because of the noise that it makes when it is broken and study desks must not be placed in front of windows where it will be easy for criminals to steal laptops or cellphones from the desk through an open window,” said Weilbach.



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