Recycling company Regenize wins challenge for innovation


Cape Town – A Cape Town-based company determined to get South Africans recycling has won the Invest Cape Town Business Hub GreenPitch Challenge 2021.

Regenize is an easily accessible, inclusive and rewarding recycling solution and rewards recyclers with virtual currency.

Regenize CEO and co-founder Chad Robertson said the company wants to provide an avenue for recyclers to contribute towards social change.

“By recycling with Regenize, people are helping to shape a future where their environmental impact can be the catalyst for influencing industry behaviour, creating opportunities for communities to access recycling services and support for waste pickers, who are at the heart of driving recycling up in the country,” said Robertson.

He said competitions such as the GreenPitch challenge increase the quality of and appetite for innovation within this sector.

Robertson said many talented start-up founders and funders prefer to focus their energy and resources on solving problems in sectors where they are likely to get support, funding and eventually acquired, such as the fintech industry.

“Having green economy challenges like these creates an awareness that the sector cares and wants to help start-ups to achieve success,” he added.


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