Rouge says she won’t get naked to promote her music


Award-winning rapper Rouge has made it clear that she will not get naked to attain more success.

The rapper has in the past been very open about how she is only here to give fans good music and iconic bars as a rapper, despite people continuing to ask her to try the “naked rapper” approach to attain more fame.

She recently took to social media again to reaffirm that getting naked for success was not her brand.

“The amount of you telling me to just take my clothes off in 2022 is alarming. I’ve always been one to drop music purely because I loved it. Not to play into the industry politics.”

Rouge was very clear that she was not prepared to compromise herself in any way to please people or meet the “industry demands”.

“My mental health comes before the industry’s demands. I still need to be able to live with myself,” she said in a tweet.

The rapper is famous for being unproblematic in the music industry, she hardly ever addresses rumours or responds to hate, but when she does, she is as clear as day.

In 2020, the rapper had to shut down assumptions that she and fellow rapper Nadia Nakai had been beefing yet again.

She set the record straight in an interview with MacG on “Podcast and Chill”.

“Honestly speaking, there is no beef. There is no problem between Nadia and I. It gets really frustrating, the fact that people are trying to create beef. It’s very very annoying,” she said at the time.

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