K.O. warns young South Africans against the use of ‘umuthi’


Johannesburg – Last week social media was abuzz when allegations of local celebrities using witchcraft to become successful were made.

Now, rapper K.O. has taken to Twitter with a warning, saying that South Africa needs to be more proactive in steering youth away from the danger of voodoo and “umuthi”.

This follows controversial author Jackie Phamotse accusing celebrities of using snakes to get further in Life. The internet has been abuzz about dark magic and the length people will go to achieve their dreams ever since.

K.O. shared his concerns for young South Africans.

He said that there are people who will do anything to achieve success and wealth, maybe even turn to the dark side for some assistance.

The rapper warned naïve, young hopefuls that not every golden opportunity out there is as it seems.

“Yoh! This brewing conversation about umuthi/voodoo and some of the taboo things men and women resort to out of desperation for wealth/good life has me completely dumbfounded and shaken.

“Young people protect your energy and souls, Not everything that glitters is gold,” K.O. tweeted.

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