Zodwa Wabantu responds to being banned from performing in Malawi


Reality TV star and exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu says life goes on and she is not going to dwell over things she cannot control.

This comes after she was banned to perform in Malawi.

In a letter by Minister Usi from the Malawian Tourism, Culture and Wildlife department states that the Malawian government does not support Zodwa’s exotic dance ways, citing that her ‘morally degrading stage acts’ are not allowed in the country.

She said it was baffling that ministers would interfere in entertainment to the extent of blocking her from performing at the country.

“I was booked and while we were in the process of getting our passports ready we get a call from a promoter, that they have been trying hard to get me through the country and they said they didn’t manage. I’m upset but it comes with who you are, you take it as you take a shot of tequila with lemon life goes on.

Zodwa said she was unfazed by the whole matter because it did not change her world.

“We don’t stop, we are onto the next we always have something to do we have problems that we need to fix. When one door closes, another one opens it’s not bad on us.  I think the minister has bigger problems than t my a** being on stage. As a country, as Malawi, I don’t know what they lack. Maybe they lack water or resources they should focus on that imagine a whole minister who has seat in government and then he gets involved in entertainment and for tourism. You know we have Malawians in SA, we had Bushiri. We had other people but I  guess because its me it comes with who you are life goes on.”

She added that she won’t change herself or how she dresses for a booking that comes once a year.

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