Trevor Noah slams Kim Kardashian’s ‘hypocritical’ advice for women


Comedian Trevor Noah has slammed Kim Kardashian’s “patronising” advice that women in business need to work harder because it seems like “nobody wants to work these days”.

In an interview with Variety, the Kardashian-Jenner women discussed making money, their reality TV legacy and their sprawling empire of lifestyle brands.

One part of the interview – Kim’s advice that women in business should set out to work hard and “get off their arses” – went viral and left people feeling Kim was being hypocritical.

Kim, seemingly offended at the popular notion that she is “famous for being famous”, attributed her family’s success to its work ethic before telling women who aspire to be successful to just work hard.

“Get your f**ken a*ses up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days,” said Kim.

In a video clip shared on social media, Noah joined many others who called out Kim. Weighing in, he said while he can see where Kim is coming from, he slammed her advice as condescending.

“Here’s the thing that maybe Kim Kardashian doesn’t understand. It can come off as extremely condescending to tell women the reason they are not successful is because they are too lazy to get off their a*ses and actually work. Because, yes, Kim Kardashian works hard but you know who else works hard? Women. But you know what a*ses don’t have? It’s Kim’s luck to be born into a rich family,” he said.

He added that Kim should forget she had luck, access, and connections on her side, which all contributed to her “hard work” turning her into a success.


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