SA Cargo Services opens Bayhead freight station

A company that has been offering stevedoring services at the country’s ports for the past 25 years has now diversified and expanded to Durban’s Bayhead area.Staff at South Africa Cargo Services officially opened their new R11 Million container freight ­station/bulk containerisation site at 1 Hamburg Road, close to the Durban container terminal.

The new 5000m² facility, which has the advantage of two entrance and exit points on to Belfast and Clydebank roads, or Kobe and Clydebank roads, is fully equipped with sophisticated machinery to handle bulk, break bulk and containers, and also has a 60-ton road weigh bridge and a 40-ton container platform scale.

Jans Modipane, the business development manager, said the nationwide company – previously named Greystone Cargo Systems – would continue to offer stevedoring services, but was now also concentrating on offering additional back-of-port bulk logistics services and warehousing catering for small and medium-sized industries, such as the mining sector.

“There is definitely a need for this type of market; for companies that deal in smaller parcels of cargo – such as ferro chrome – and they need us to handle their cargo that comes in by road,” he said.

South Africa Cargo Services expected to handle more than 1000 road trucks a month once it was fully operational and to create 30 direct jobs, he said.

The company handles in and out cargo, which includes weighing trucks, stockpiling, storage, stock control, empty and full container lifts and stacking, then onward movement of container loads.

“Companies bring in their cargo, we stockpile and store it, load the cargo into containers and then arrange for its onward movement by ship,” he said.



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